This page is written particularly for newcomers in Switzerland (e.g. with a refugee or migrant background) who are keen to learn digital skills and find a position in IT. The content is drafted by the Powercoders team and will continuously be updated.

Last edit: 7 July 2022

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Powercoders is supporting refugees and migrants to start an IT career in Switzerland. Since 2015, we have trained more than 200 candidates and helped them to get an internship in an IT team or IT department. Today, many of them are in a permanent IT job.

Every year, we accept 40-60 candidates for our flagship program. They participate in a 3-month bootcamp and get a chance to secure a 6-12 month internship. However, many more candidates of diverse backgrounds are keen to learn digital skills. Hence, we are currently expanding our offers with a focus on enabling people to learn digital skills and find an IT job on their own.

With this page, we want to support you to learn digital skills and find your way into the IT industry - with concrete steps and resources.

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From 0 to Github's #1 Trending Swift Developer in Less than 2 Years


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Our 3 month bootcamp followed by 6-12 month IT internship. Read more here about the program and the application process.


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In the following sections we provide you with guidance. Note that this is not meant as a ‘one step after the other’ process. You can start building a network and portfolio in parallel to learning more digital skills, and also explore job opportunities at the same time.

Learn Digital Skills

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Decide where to start

Research IT domains, latest trends and job requirements

Look for equipment / a device

Start learning

Join a community in your city